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Industry leader in MicroGrid, LED Lighting Design Customization, and Air Filtration & Purification Systems



MGES LED Lighting Project, Rush Truck Center

LED Lighting

When selecting a vendor for your lighting project, experience is the key.  With more than 450 completed projects across the United States, MGES knows how to deliver savings.  Our photometric designs ensure optimal lighting at the lowest possible cost.

Solar Panels_edited.jpg

Solar Power

One of the top challenges facing facilities today is to adapt their energy structure to meet the future increased demands.  At MGES we know the first step is to assess your facility and engineer a specific solution that meets your demands.

MGES Air Filtration Kansas City Kansas Public Schools

Air Filtration

Our air filtration service & purification panel reduces floating particulates and kills airborne viruses and bacteria.  MGES uses a simple, ceiling installations with requires no space redesign or remodel.

MGES Microgrid, Onsite Energy, Onsite Power


MGES is committed to bringing you clean, reliable energy, produced on-site, to power your facilities.  An MGES designed MicroGrid can allow you to disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.



MGES is an Energy Services Partner delivering clean energy solutions to clients since 2011. Our experience has allowed us to serve large national accounts, regional clients, and local facilities. We understand the importance of choosing the most dependable and affordable sources to help you save more now and in the future.






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